Solutions-Recruitment/Executive Search/RPO

SSJ Solutions works with many of the world’s most ambitious companies to build organisations that are truly talent centric. Started by Maj Gen T P Singh (Retd) in 1991 after a long and distinguished career in the Indian Army, the firm now operates through a wide network of professionals.

We believe in tailor-made solutions so we have an exclusive Recruitment Specialist for every client we work for. This is the recipe of our world-class delivery!!

For the last 25+ years, we have been shouldering all our clients’ end-to-end Recruitment burdens. Some of our clients have small HR Teams and we work as their sole HR partners handling all their HR responsibilities.

At SSJ, we measure success by the lasting and productive relationships that we build with our clients. We offer industry-leading solutions that are the foundation of our client's success. This led Wipro to give us ‘High Circle Achiever’ award.

We provide the following Recruitment, Executive Search and RPO solutions-


We strive to supply excellent talent, which is the building block for any successful company.

Executive Search

  • Our clients run the gamut from Fortune 500 corporations to the hot new spin-offs and start-ups. Their needs may vary but the goal remains the same; finding perfect candidates with top-notch technical and interpersonal skills. Whether it is the CEO or that "one in a million" software developer, our endeavour is to surpass your expectations.


  • When it comes to talent acquisition, efficient processes are just not enough. That’s why companies around the world are turning to a partner with both the proven capability and the vision to move business forward in times of change and opportunity.
  • As a talent advisor with deep expertise, world-class resources and a focus on innovation, we deliver value through all facets of recruiting, from establishing the vision to executing the strategy and achieving measurable results.
  • RPO advantage
    • Scalability: an RPO model enables you to increase or decrease recruitment operations quickly and effectively to fit changing business needs
    • Talent quality: Best-in-class resources and operations ensure that you secure the right talent to support your goals
    • Cost control: A focused recruiting process provides visibility and control over resources and spend
    • Data and intelligence: We can apply leading technology solutions to capture data and deliver intelligence for more informed, actionable workforce management strategies
  • SSJ difference
    • Tailored solutions: Flexible deployment and operations to fit your talent and business needs
    • Top recruiting talent: Our recruiters average more than ten years of experience. Structured continuous training ensures maximum effectiveness
    • Sourcing excellence: Led by industry thought leaders, our dedicated sourcing development and innovation function keeps you ahead of the changing talent landscape
    • Reporting and analytics: Reporting and analytics platform provides intelligence to drive strategy and performance
    • Agile operations: We provide scalable, delivery and adaptive sourcing and recruiting capability
    • Quality: A recognized leader in service excellence
  • Flexible deployment options
    • End-to-end RPO: Management of the entire recruiting process
    • Project RPO: Management of the entire recruiting process, with short-term goals
    • Selective RPO: Management of distinct recruiting processes within your organization
    • Recruiter-on-demand: Provision of trained recruiters, equipped with our technology to supplement your team

So, if you are thinking for a smooth, cost-reducing and scalable recruitment process, SSJ’s RPO service is the ideal one because our talent acquisition and recruitment process will have a long-lasting impact on your business and growth. Happy Recruiting!