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SSJ Solutions is a global, quality-driven HR Consulting firm with over 25 years of understanding multi-organizational issues and work environments enabling it to provide an all-round support for Talent Acquisition and other HR services across different industries.

The labor market is as tight as it's ever been and trends indicate that professionals will be even scarcer in the future. Everybody knows how critical recruiting is in today's business environment. In the interest of time and cost, corporates are increasingly turning to one-stop solutions to meet their Human Resources needs.

Started by Maj Gen T P Singh (Retd) in 1991 after a long and distinguished career in the Army, we now operate through a wide network of professionals. Arvind Dev, an MBA from IIM, Ahmedabad, (one of the top management institutes of the Asia-Pacific region) now leads us bringing with him the wide experience he has gained through his long stint in SBI and also through his one year assignment at London.

SSJ helps companies face the challenge of recruitment. With the tight labour market in mind, it is tough to get the perfect skilled professionals for a company. But with the help of SSJ, this impossible is made possible. From skilled industrialist, experienced professionals to amateur engineers, we strive to deliver the best talents through local expertise, global infrastructure and experienced industry-leading people who are required to scrutinise the talents for our clients in varied sectors like IT/Software, BFSI/Payment/Investment Banking, E-commerce, Telecom, Real Estate/Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Media, Education, Management Consulting and Power Sector.

In this world of competitive business system, scarcity and competition in the labour market affects us all. Apart from a perfect growth strategy and sound financial tactics, the sure-shot recipe to drive your business in the traffic of competition is your human capital. A business can be established by entrepreneurs, but it will grow and run smoothly only with the combined efforts of its Human Capital. Recruiting key talent is a complicated subject itself and more so in the context of Indian economy because it is growing at a rapid and haphazard pace. And that is where the need of an outsourced recruiter emerges.

SSJ is a Leading HR Firm

We are connecting the dots effectively between different companies and their future employees with the help of talent derived from the tight labour market. From industry-leading technologists to skilled professionals, we always strive to provide our clients with the best talents. Being one of the leading Executive Search firms in India our client list is a veritable who’s who of the Indian economy. Simply put, we help companies attain their HR needs so as to establish their businesses, accelerate their growth and minimise risks.

SSJ is trusted and reliable

In the span of over 25 years, SSJ Solutions has fulfilled the human capital scarcity and other needs of many companies across India and overseas. The productive relationship with our clients has been our key to success. Whether it is that all-important CEO or that one-in-a-million software developer, our endeavour is to achieve our goal of providing perfect service to our clients.

SSJ team is dedicated and hard-working

Dedication and hard work always go hand in hand with every business firm and SSJ exemplifies that. Our hard work and complete dedication towards our clients has made us the leading executive search firm. Moreover, the hard work paid off when Wipro awarded us the ‘High Circle Achiever’ Award.

SSJ is transparent and has deep knowledge about it’s client’s business

From customer satisfaction researches, it has been determined that transparency and thorough understanding of client’s businesses are the two main pillars for being a first-class executive search firm. SSJ Solutions has based it’s succes on these two pillars in it’s over 25 years of business span.

Fostering a culture of innovations, we pride ourselves in helping our clients by practical recruitment solutions provided in a friendly atmosphere with a sprinkling of curiosity and sense of humour. Happy Recruiting!

Apart from normal recruitment, our other related solutions include Executive Search, RPO models like end-to-end RPO, Project RPO, Selective RPO and Recruiter-on-demand.

Our list of HR Solutions includes HR Consulting, HRM Systems, OD and Change Management, Training & Development, Content Development and HR Research among other things.

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If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur. Hire character. Train skill

–Arvind, Partner